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    Janice Joplin
            San Antonio Texas




Janice was born in Pennsylvania as Janice Sweeney. When she married Perry Joplin Janice became famous over night, but she says that her greatest work of art is her son, Ian. She moved to Texas in 1980 and studied art with a passion. She discovered that she had a special feeling for clay creations and began working as an apprentice with several different potters while earning her degree in Fine Arts at San Antonio College. Although Janice's first love is clay, she is also a talented painter and in addition, she works with metal and glass.
You know where you are when you drive down the dirt driveway to Janice's studio. It was once used as a dairy barn in the 40's and it is surrounded by her vibrant, whimsical art and former 4-H projects, her menagerie.

Janice's "Fun Seeker" cow is a replica of the life sized version that she donated to the Houston Cow Parade for the benefit of M.D. Anderson's Children's Cancer Clinic. The cow is the embodiment of Janice's colorful Beach Lady designs for which she is best known, and the Beach Lady in the flag bathing suit leaves no doubt where this cow is from! Her message to us is to take time to enjoy your life, smile and be a "Fun Seeker"!